Don’t worry I am going to explain it. Minutia means minor or minute details or little details. These details are considered irrelevant by most, but in reality they are very special and important. Before I worked at the boutique I was in law enforcement and used to deal with fingerprints quite often, which still fascinate me. The small points within a fingerprint that make it unique and different from any other are called minutia. Without these points it would be impossible to distinguish one type of fingerprint from another. With that explained, I don’t think anything bothers me more in fashion than to see someone who appears to have taken great pride in their outfit, but leaves out the minutia. Whether their hair is not fixed, they did not bother with jewelry or accessories, or they just didn’t go the extra mile to make their look perfect, it bugs me. When I get dressed for the day I simply cannot leave the house without giving my hair, make-up, outfit, and accessories adequate attention. My look or outfit is not complete until I am satisfied the minutia has been addressed!

So you may think jewelry or fixing your hair doesn’t matter or that lovely lip color isn’t really important, but it is!! It makes a great look even greater and just like the minutia within a fingerprint it makes your outfit unique and different from any other. What makes two people wearing the same dress different, why the minutia of course! This outfit of mine would be a major plain jane look if I had not taken the time to throw on some knee socks, add some wonderful make-up by the ever so talented Patience, layered a few necklaces and spiced up my hair! It would be…well, bland and nobody looks twice at bland. Want your outfit to stand out in a crowd? Don’t be afraid of the little details that make it different and unique!

This outfit is so chic and I just love it! This skirt is one of those items that I have gotten more than my monies worth out of. I bought it for $13 dollars at Express and wear it all the time. It is the perfect skirt to wear with everything! These socks I received for Christmas one year and thought they looked just perfect with this outfit! Some people are freaked out to wear all black but I think, when done correctly, you can’t get any closer to chic. On another note, y’all always talk about how much you love my hair and I simply have to agree. My hair stylist, Barbara Tucker, is absolutely amazing. She does the best and most blended ombre I have ever seen. If you are looking for a stylist that is skilled and knows what she is doing then you just found her!

Affectionately, Audrey

Hair: Barbara at Southern Accent Salon (Warner Robins, Ga), Photos: Amber Phinisee, Make-up: Intensify by Patience

Shirt: Old Navy (Old)

Skirt: Express, Look-Alike

Socks: Gift

Shoes: Ross, Look-Alike 1, Look-Alike 2, Look-Alike 3

Jewelry: Necklaces: No. 1: Charming Charlie, No.2: Goodwill, No.3: Target; Earrings: Charming Charlie; Ring: Kohls













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