You Are My Sunshine

Sometimes you have to brighten up drab days by adding your own bit of sunshine! These lovely shoes definitely brighten up my day with their awesome design and cheerful color. I just love working a pop of color into my outfits! I had originally planned to wear a different shirt this morning, but was not feeling it, so I wore this lovely white shirt instead and it worked out perfectly. Do you ever have a morning like that? When your original outfit isn’t working at all, so you start over and somehow manage to put something extremely cute and chic together last-minute in spite of your frantic morning routine. This has happened to me on multiple occasions and I am glad it turned out chic instead of cheap! 😉

The first half of you are probably looking at this outfit and saying, “I could never wear a color like that, it is too bright.” That is false. It is easy to blend in with mother nature and be “blah” along with the weather, but sometimes the easiest thing is not the best thing. Some of your are so fashionably neutral that you could stand against a wall or near some trees and seriously make a chameleon jealous of your camouflaging abilities. I know that new colors, especially bright ones, can be scary, but they aren’t going to bite you and will add such flavor to your outfit! Just try it! There are so many colors out there! Why only stick to three or four when you have a rainbow to choose from?

The second half of you are saying, “Those shoes don’t match, you should be wearing a yellow necklace or something.” Again this is false. That is why it is called a “color pop!” Even when the rest of your outfit is neutral this color pop item adds a flair of color to spice up the neutrals and take your outfit from blah to voila! I love mixing and matching colors and patterns! It is fun and can seriously give a simple outfit a whole new vibe. It’s all about trying something new. Whether a color pop or any color at all is new for you, try stepping out of your fashion comfort zone and branching out into the unknown! You never know what wonderful outfit you could put together when fear of color is no longer an option! 😉  I still can’t get over these wonderful photographs and this amazing make-up by Amber and Patience. I am so blessed to get to work with these girls! Seriously, if you need photographs or make-up for any kind of event they are wonderful to work with!

Affectionately, Audrey

Hair color: Barbara Tucker at Southern Accent Salon, Make-Up: Intensify by Patience, Photographs: Amber Phinisee

Shirt: Target, Another Option

Pants: TJmaxx

Shoes: Goodwill (Best. Find. Ever); Look-Alike

Purse: Ross (Nine West Brand), Similar; Sunglasses: Old Navy

Jewelry: Necklace and Earrings: Charming Charlie; Ring: Moorea Seal; Watch: Target

*Don’t forget about the Moorea Seal promo code “AUDREYBLOG” to get 10% off your purchase!*

















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