Oh, This Bold Thing? (5 under $40)


See what I did there? I know once again what you are thinking. “But, wait. I thought she was doing the outfits under $40 series and this outfit looks expensive!” Wrong! It was most certainly under $40 dollars with a little bit of change to spare actually, but I will discuss that at the end of the post. 😉 I am a huge advocate of color. I almost always go for the more colorful option and have to make myself by staple, more neutral colors. So of course when I saw this dress at Banana Republic I was drawn in by the bright yellow coloring and sleek design. It is an absolutely amazing dress and I basically stole it with how much I paid for it. These shoes were given to me by a friend (My make-up artist Patience, actually 😉 ) and they have instantly become my favorite pair of shoes. Don’t you just love it when someone gives you clothing, jewelry, or shoes? It is like Christmas all over again! I love this combination of cobalt blue and bright yellow! Add a cognac colored clutch (this color seriously goes with everything) and some killer jewelry and you have a perfect look that is both dynamic and unique!

I, of course, love neutral colors and have plenty of them to pair with my other bold items, but I am instantly drawn to colorful items. Bright reds, corals, hot pinks, deep oranges, emerald greens, I get excited just thinking about it! Most people feel self conscious of stepping out and trying new colors and that is perfectly understandable. Anything new can be scary and can sometimes be a challenge that requires us to change, even if only slightly. I recently saw a quote by Margaret Shepard that stated, “Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.” This quote not only applies to our spiritual lives, but to all of life in general. Just simply stepping out in faith and confidence in ourselves by trying new things and not being afraid of the unknown. If we spend our lives in fear then we are never able to experience all the joy that new experiences, places, and things can bring us. Sure they can bring us heartbreak sometimes as well, but I think a little heartbreak in life can be a good thing. So step out into something new and do it with confidence and without fear! If you fall, then get right back up and try again!

Jumping the track, I have been asked a couple of times recently by a few people to help them style themselves or help them style others for photo shoots and it has been so much fun and just plain exciting! It is so great when you get to do what you love and help others as well! I want y’all to also feel open to contact me to suggest styles/things you would like for me to try or if you would like to know how I would style something, that is the point of this whole thing and is so fun for me! 😉

Affectionately, Audrey

Hair styling and make-up: Intensify by Patience (Yes, she does hair also!); Photos: Amber Phinisee; Hair Color: Barbara Tucker-Southern Accent Salon

Dress: $13  Banana Republic, Similar

Shoes: Gifted  BCBGeneration, Look-Alike

Purse: $16    TJmaxx

Necklace: Gifted (I believe it came from Target)

Earrings: $5  Target

Total: $34 (Can’t beat that with a stick 🙂 )












7 thoughts on “Oh, This Bold Thing? (5 under $40)

  1. I am extremely impressed! This outfit really does look expensive 🙂 thanks for the great post! And beautiful pics and makeup btw 🙂

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