The Best Accessory

The best and most important accessory is confidence! You can wear the most gorgeous dress in the world, but it will look average and plain if the person wearing it does not have confidence, not only in their outfit, but in themselves. People always tell me that I can pull off anything (which is most definitely not true). I don’t possess some magical ability to change body shapes to fit any outfit and make me “pull it off”, it’s the confidence I have in myself and what I put on. Many times I walk out the house not 100% sure about what I am wearing, but I just own it anyway, and 9 times out of 10 people will comment on how much they like it! But be prepared. When you step out of the box and begin to be different or unique people will always say negative things. It is sadly the nature of our society. People say bad things about what I wear all of the time, but I know what I like and that is all that matters! If you like something and think it flows well together then wear it!! People always have something to say and I am happy to be the topic of their conversation, whether it is good or bad! So don’t listen to what people say and be who God made you to be!

Do you ever have one of those days where you just wake up and instantly feel beautiful and confident? Nothing has really changed about you physically, but you just feel good! You get up, put on the perfect outfit, fix your hair (which lays perfectly), and find the perfect shade of lipstick. It is like you could go out and conquer all the worlds problems and be back by dinner! You seek out places to go just so you can show off your wonderful outfit (Don’t lie, we have all done it)! That is how I felt while wearing this outfit! Just beautiful, flawless, and put together! Isn’t that a wonderful feeling? I found this floral magenta skirt at Goodwill, along with this shirt and these shoes! This skirt just stuck out from all of the other skirts and I couldn’t get over to it fast enough! I was so overjoyed when it fit me and I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it! Since I pretty much purchased this whole outfit from Goodwill, I am definitely keeping with my outfits under $40 rule and I can’t wait to do the next one!

This shoot has been my favorite so far! We went to the cutest little cafe in downtown Macon, Molly’s Cafe, to do the shoot and they were seriously the nicest people you will ever meet! The restaurant was so quaint and made you feel like you were walking back in time as you pass through the front doors. They were so generous to let us take photos before they opened for lunch, but just when I thought they couldn’t be any more gracious they brought us their famous chicken salad on a croissant with fruit salad to use for the shoot. It was seriously the most amazing chicken salad I have ever put in my mouth and I will definitely be going back there for lunch very, very soon! Check them out and if you are in the Macon area (or even if you aren’t) go visit them for lunch and I definitely recommend the chicken salad ūüėČ ! As always my outfit wouldn’t be complete without my photos by the wonderful Amber, and my make-up by the talented Patience!

Affectionately, Audrey

Location: Molly’s Cafe,¬†402 Cherry St.¬†Macon, GA 31201, Hours: Mon-Fri 11-2:30

Make-up: Intensify by Patience, Photographs: Amber Phinisee, Hair color: Barbara at Southern Accent Salon

Skirt: $3.50  Goodwill

Shirt: $3.50  Goodwill

Shoes: $5.00  Goodwill

Belt: $1.00  Summit Chase Flea Market

Jewelry: Necklace/Earrings: $8.00

Total: A whopping $21.00!

Lip color: Cover Girl Spellbound (325)

Amber Phinisee_1992.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1993.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2006.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1994.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2013.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1986.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1987.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1989.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1988.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1990.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1991.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1984.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1985.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1995.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1996.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1998.jpg
Amber Phinisee_1999.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2020.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2021.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2000.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2001.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2002.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2003.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2004.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2005.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2010.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2009.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2011.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2012.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2014.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2015.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2018.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2016.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2017.jpg
Amber Phinisee_2007.jpg

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