White Out

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Sometimes a blend of one color in different shades is all the color you need in an outfit. This look is just as bold as any other outfit and I loved wearing it! You may think it seems plain and ordinary, but I see something different. I see clean, bright, and an outfit that is a statement all by itself.  This outfit took just as much thought and planning as an outfit with a ton of patterns involved or lots of crazy hues. Any outfit takes time and effort to put together. Just like almost everything  in your life, fashion takes practice, planning, study and effort. I did not always have a way with fashion and quite frankly used to look like a boy. Seriously. For a lot of my life I was a serious tom boy, not out of desire, but out of ignorance. I even had the boyish “bob” going on that looked anything but chic and edgy. I had glasses that looked like they belonged to an 80 year old grandmother, and not a stylish one either. And then my attire….I just don’t want to talk about that. Needless to say, I was not the stylish person I am today. It took years of work and desire to begin to shape the style that I have now. With that said, my style never stops evolving and changing and I and glad that I can be so open and willing to try new things as it evolves. So don’t give up on your pursuit of style, keep trying and working toward your own personal fashion goals! It will be worth the work and failed outfit attempts once you get to a place of confidence and have achieved “your style.” The style that makes you, you!

Amber, Patience and I found this “secret garden”  near a church the other day and what else can you do but stop and take photos when you find a place like this? Patience had talked about trying an orange lipstick on me and we both thought it would be the perfect addition to this outfit! She likes lipstick just about as much as I do and I am so glad! I adore lipstick. Trying different colors and brands and going a little more bold each time! My lipstick collection is just about as ridiculous as my shoe collection (It’s not really ridiculous, because you can never really have too many pairs of shoes, am I right?). Well that just about wraps it up for this outfit! It is still under $40 by the way 😉 ! And aren’t these photos stunning as always? I just love them.

Affectionately, Audrey

Photographs: Amber Phinisee; Make-up: Intensify by Patience, Hair color: Barbara at Southern Accent Salon

Sweater: $10  Target, Look-Alike

Pants: Gifted

Shoes: $10  Target, Look-Alike

Scarf: Gifted (I think it came from Target)

Bracelet: $5  J. Crew sale! Look-Alike

Earrings: $5  Charming Charlie

Total:  $30!


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