Make Me Dotty

This outfit just happened. I knew I wanted to wear my polka dot pants, but was pretty much clueless at the time in reference to the other parts of the outfit. I tried to get an idea the night before about what I would wear, but got distracted and fell asleep before the outfit came together. The next morning I began to throw on different shirts and shoes determined to make something work with my pants. These pants were literally making me dotty. Pun intended. I grabbed the next shirt in line and it just clicked.  I stood in the mirror for a couple of minutes making sure the outfit actually did look good or if it was just my lack of coffee that morning that gave the illusion of a great outfit. It was indeed a masterpiece and I spent the rest of my day feeling like a fashion Michelangelo wearing her Sistine Chapel. Anyway, so excited to be posting again! Only one more outfit to go in my under $40 series, so get ready!

Affectionately, Audrey

Photographs: Olivia Lovelady; Haircolor: Barbara Tucker at Southern Accent Salon

Shirt: $10  Southern Flair Boutique

Pants: Gifted, Look-Alike

Belt: $1 Summit Chase Flea Market

Shoes: $10  Target, Another Option

Jewelry: $6 Number 1: Forever 21; Number 2: Target

 Purse: $6  Plato’s Closet, Another Option

Sunglasses: $7  Target, Look-Alike <—(Use code AUDREYBLOG for 10% off)

Total: $40 (Close call 😉 )












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