City Life

I’m dreaming of far away cities and an unlimited supply of printed tees. I love the city and I am undeniably a city girl despite my small town southern upbringing. I have never been to New York, but I hope that statement won’t be true for long. There is just something about the buildings that seem to never end, the hustle and bustle on the street and the exotic one of a kind shops and restaurants that makes a big city seem like that scene in a movie that seems too good to be true. Only it’s not a movie and I can’t wait to experience city life more and more.

I am seriously loving the printed tee trend right now. They add a ton of character to any outfit and depending on the print can describe your personality perfectly. This is actually a men’s tee (size small of course), but the majority of my printed tees are. I mean who doesn’t love floral and feminine quotes on your tops, but when it comes to edgy or quirky styles, the men’s section seems to be the best source. A tee imprinted with your favorite band or a comical quote that was just too good to pass up is perfect to add a little edge to an elegant look and definitely makes the look unique to you. So the next time you are goodwill shopping or passing the mens section don’t pass up that awesome tee with a picture of Darth Vader enjoying a Coke. You never know what look you can create! Side note: Apparently I resemble Taylor Swift, especially in this outfit. I had multiple people, some strangers, tell me this when I wore this. Unintentional on my part, but I’m not complaining, she has great style! I hope you all had a marvelous day and perhaps one day I will be writing to you about subways and bagels from a splendid view of the city in New York.

Affectionately, Audrey

Photographs: Sean Alan Photography

Shirt: $10   Old Navy

Skirt: $3   Goodwill

Shoes: $10  Target, Look Alike

Necklace: $3   Goodwill

Hat: $2.50   Goodwill, Another Option (Use code “AUDREYBLOG” for 10% off)

Purse: TJmaxx – Steve Madden   (Ok this purse is not in the under $40, so I cheated a little 😉 )

Total: $28.50















One thought on “City Life

  1. Audge, Another beautiful blog. I like you best with your eyes open! They show all the joy that’s inside you! Love you – KC

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