Mix N’ Match

Remember what I told you about Georgia weather? Well, its gotten worse. It rains with no notice, you can cut the moisture in the air with a knife, and it is 105 degrees everyday with no breeze. We were threatened with rain the day we shot this outfit, but thankfully it held off long enough to let us take these amazing photos! Mixing prints is one of my favorite things to play with in fashion! Taking a specific pattern and pairing it with different florals or stripes just makes my inner fashionista all warm and fuzzy! It is a great way to up your style and try something new! Even though it is super easy to mix patterns, there is definitely a method to the madness and I would never tell you to just throw on two different prints and hit the door running. So, here are a few patterns that have historically looked magnificent together and will be easy for you to style:

1. Florals + Stripes: Grab a floral skirt and a black and white striped tee with some cute shoes and you will be a print mix genius!
2. Plaid + Cheetah Print: You know that oversized plaid shirt you have? Pair it with skinny jeans and cheetah heels and hit the door!
3. Polka dots + Stripes: Dust off that polka dot middy skirt and pair it with a stripped tank. Grab some bright jewelry and you’re set!

Now that you have a few ideas to get you going, start mixing and matching! This outfit was so fun to wear. I love this blazer because it is floral (my favorite) and has a very unique look! Hopefully you like it as much as I do and will start mixing prints right away! Can’t wait to see what you style! Hope everyone had a outstanding weekend with family and friends!

Affectionately, Audrey

Photographs: Sean Alan Photography

Blazer: Guess, Another Option
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Goodwill (Gap Brand), Another Option
Shoes: Gifted
Necklace: Goodwill
Clutch: Thrifted, Look Alike
Lipstick: Loréal Paris, Miss Magenta (185)














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