Double Trouble

















It really makes me laugh when I show someone an article of clothing and they respond with, “It’s cute, but what could I wear with it?” I stare at them for a couple of minutes in disbelief and then begin to recite a list of items that will match with said item. I have found that a lot of people not only have a hard time matching clothing or colors together, but will reserve a shirt (or any article of clothing) for a specific outfit. Like that shirt will only match with those pants and a specific pair of shoes and is useless for any other outfit. That’s crazy talk! Its time to get that shirt out of that pants and shoes relationship and let it go on a date with that skirt it’s been eyeing for a while. Not only will you maximize your wardrobe and outfits by pairing an item multiple ways, but it can help you feel like you have something new in your closet! So step outside of that outfit mold that you have set for yourself and wear something different tomorrow! Pair your favorite shirt with different a bottom or wear different heels with that dress you love so much! Even the littlest detail can make all the difference in your confidence and style!

This shirt. Man, it has instantly become my favorite. It goes with absolutely everything and I really just want to wear it everyday. This top is so versatile that I was able to give you an example of an office look and a street look for weekend outings! You really should thank me. I’m bringing you two outfits for the price of one! It is so easy to pair things differently and swap it up! You just have to get the creative juices flowing a little! I know you can do it! 🙂 Hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far! I can’t believe summer is almost over!

Affectionately, Audrey

Photographs: Sean Alan Photography

Outfit #1:

Striped Top: Goodwill, Look-Alike 1, Look-Alike 2
Peplum: Marshalls, Look-Alike
Skirt: Banana Republic (Old), Another Option
Shoes: Goodwill, Look-Alike <—On Sale!
Sunglasses: Old Navy, Look-Alike <—Use code “AUDREYBLOG” for a discount!
Lipstick: Ulta, Pink Sunset #241

Outfit #2:

Striped Top: Goodwill
Pants: Target
Shoes: Ross (Old), Another Option
Purse: TJMaxx, Another Option
Sunglasses: Target
Earrings: Southern Flair Boutique
Lipstick: NYX Sweet Pink (MLS17)

5 thoughts on “Double Trouble

  1. The photography is so beautiful! And I’d agree, mixing and matching definitely makes your wardrobe more exciting! Cute looks!

    xo, Charlotte

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