One thing about fashion is obvious; they sure know how to recycle. Acid wash jeans, overalls, mini skirts, crop tops and middy skirts are all examples of past fashion trends just re-invented to better accommodate the era we are currently living in. The hardest thing about this never ending cycle of resurfaced trends is knowing what to save for later years and what to get rid of to make space. So the question is: How do you anticipate what trends will recycle and what trends will end up in the fashion graveyard never to resurface? This is a hard question to answer because we don’t really have any way of knowing were we will be in fashion years from now, but I believe I can give you a few pointers that will guide you in what to keep so you aren’t re-buying the same item 5 years from now:

1. Staple Pieces: Blazers, Pencil Skirts, Button Up Blouses, Jean Jackets, Black Dresses. These pieces never really go out of style and even though they might not be as popular at the time can usually be worked into any outfit regardless of the era.

2. One-Of-A-Kind Items: Vintage Sweaters, Your Grandmother’s Jacket, Discontinued Items, A Dress with a Vintage Pattern. Basically, these are the items that you can never re-buy. These are generally vintage items, but can also be items that just add character and diversity to your wardrobe.

3. Items You Love: This doesn’t have to be anything specific, just an item that you love and don’t want to part with. Whether it is a quirky printed tee shirt or an old pair of jeans, my rule is: “if you wear it, keep it!”

This ensemble seemed like the perfect simple and comfy outfit to get away from the world, read a little and run around with my puppy. (Why don’t I do this more often!?) I guess introductions are in order, this little fluffy cotton ball is my best friend and pup, Parker. He is the silliest little heart and I don’t deserve the love he gives me. He loves squeaky balls, sleeping under the covers and watching old Scooby-Doo cartoons with me. He had so much fun getting in on this shoot, even if I did have to bribe him with this orange ball (Best 99 cents I have ever spent).

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Photography: Sean Alan Photography

Overalls: Goodwill, Option 1, Option 2, Option 3
Shirt: Goodwill
Shoes: Target, Another Option
Backpack: Vintage Hand-Me-Down
Lipstick: Maybeline, Summer Sunset

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