Oh Baby!













As fall begins and summer comes to an end (Even though it is still pretty hot here), I feel it is only right to give summer a fond farewell with this fun baby doll dress. Don’t you just love baby doll dresses? They are the perfect fit almost every time and always have the cutest patterns and designs! I received a wonderful gift card from TJmaxx through instagram and instantly knew that I would spend it on these BCBG heels that I had been eyeing for the past three weeks. I also found this amazing dress that was only $10 if you can believe it! If fit so perfectly and even matched my beloved shoes! So my end of summer tribute was born and it couldn’t be more wonderful!

I am moving in one week guys, It’s getting real! I am getting so excited and can’t wait to wake up in my new city! Still working out some details, but it is all coming together! Give me lots of suggestions of places I should check out when I get there!

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Photographs: Sean Alan Photography

Dress: TJmaxx

Shoes: TJmaxx (BCBG brand), Look-Alike, Another Option

Hat: Goodwill, Look-Alike

Clutch: Thrifted

Sunglasses: Old Navy, Similar <— Use code “AUDREYBLOG” for a discount

Jewelry: Necklace: Target; Bracelets: Gifted

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