White Noise


Oh my gosh! I totally forgot it is after Labor Day and I’m wearing white! What will I do!? Nothing…I will do nothing while I rock my white culottes whenever I want. Trust me, I was in Law Enforcement for 9 years and there is no code section for after Labor Day white pants anywhere in the law book. I never think twice before wearing white anytime of the year, but I know that mind set does not translate to everyone. I know this because I still have people ask if it is ok to wear white after Labor Day. Number one, I don’t think you should allow any one to tell you what you should wear and when you should wear it. Number two, the history behind the Labor Day rule is just simply ridiculous! The rule was created by a bunch of socialites in the late 1800s who were trying to exclude other up and coming socialites. They created a multitude of fashion rules, ie. Don’t wear white after labor day, and kept them a secret among themselves. So if you didn’t come from “old money” and you showed up to the theater wearing a white dress on Sep. 15th they would know to ignore you and/or treat you poorly. You can read more about the history and get a much better version of it here! Ha!

How absolutely ridiculous is that!? And we have been strictly adhering to this rule for over a hundred years! It honestly makes me want to break the rule even more, and I would be proud to be ignored by such insensitive people. I tell you all of this to prove a point. Don’t always obey every rule you’re told! Do some investigating for yourself, and find out if it is a rule worth following! When I finally read up on the reasoning behind this bogus rule, finding the answer to be so shallow and vulgar, it put so many things into perspective for me! I decided that I was not going to be defined by a standard thats sole purpose is to continuously keep me contained in a little box. Do what you want, get crazy, and feel confident doing it! I say, some rules are meant to be broken, and boy can it be fun! 🙂

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Photographs: Lauren Newman Photography  <— This girl is the bomb!

Top: UAL, Clover Canyon  //  Pants: UAL, Nicholas  //  Shoes: Target, Shop here!

Belt: Goodwill  //  Earrings: African Street Festival  //  Necklaces: UAL, Kara Ross & Vintage

Ring Set: UAL, Eddie Borgo  //  Bracelets: UAL, Kevia & Trademark

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