Old Dog, New Tricks


There is just absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have fun with what you wear. No reason at all! I loooove wearing crazy, funky, and weird one of a kind pieces that accurately describe who I am as a person (Like this amazing Banana sweatshirt!). Basically, I love wearing pieces that don’t make sense! Once in a while you will catch me wearing an all black or neutral outfit, but most of the time I am clad in some wild color combination, a unique vintage pattern or both. One of my sweet customers came into UAL recently and gave me a double take saying that she almost didn’t realize who I was since I wasn’t dressed as funky as usual! (Guess who woke up extremely late that particular morning….this girl. Ha!)  With that being said, I don’t dress funky because I want people to notice me, I dress funky because I like it and it makes me happy and inspired!

All of this brings me to address something I feel is a little different about my blog in particular. It is not my personal intention to buy a bunch of new clothing, style them, and then add links for these items where you can buy and style them in the same way as I have. I am a collector of wild and exotic clothing pieces and adore vintage oddities that you can only fish out of an overstuffed Goodwill rack. I also cannot believe the unique pieces I am privileged to find where I work at UAL. So most of the time it isn’t even possible for me to link these items because they don’t exist on a website or aren’t available outside of a thrift store. This suits me just fine because I would rather you be inspired by me to put an outfit together with what you already have in your closet, than to buy lots of new things that will serve the same purpose as the pieces you already have. I would rather you take to the streets and seek out similar pieces that you can then style into your own creative version of my featured outfit. This is not to say that I will never promote or link a company or item that I believe is worth having in your wardrobe or on your radar, but the “find it here” links will probably be few and far between. I, above all, want my blog to be practical and let’s face it, going out and buying a bunch of new things just isn’t practical for all of us. BUT being inspired and giving new life to the pieces we already have is very practical and attainable and not at all hard to do if you just put your mind to it. Plus, I’m always here to help! 😉

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Photographs: Lauren Newman Photography!

Sweatshirt: UAL, Carven  //  Skirt: UAL, Clover Canyon  //  Shoes: TJMaxx

Necklace: UAL, Lulu Frost/Vintage  //  Bracelet/Rings: UAL, Kevia and Marcia Moran

Earrings: Target  //  Sunglasses: UAL ($10!)

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