NYE: Year of the Thrift!


I think it is safe to assume that by now you have spent all of your money on Christmas gifts for your family and friends, along with just a few for yourself. Look, after the year we’ve had, the words “treat yoself” have never had truer meaning.  So what are you going to do about New Years? Of course you want to look sparkly and fun, but glitter isn’t cheap and your bank account is dry since you had to buy your great aunt that scarf for secret santa. What’s the answer?? The answer is Goodwill!

Betsy, of Goldwill Digger and I talked about doing a collaboration centered around Goodwill about a month ago and decided to post about NYE on a budget. The goal was to find our NYE outfit for UNDER $25. That’s right I said under $25! We started by meeting up and shopping together at one of our local Goodwills in Nashville. We scoured the racks looking for little nuggets of glitter and gold that would make our NYE look complete. I found this dress and sweater on our trip together and the shoes and clutch on a subsequent thrifting trip. The pictures below are the combined result of my thrifting efforts! The point is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fabulous and chic for New Years! Goodwill has plenty of glitter and sparkle for everyone to get in on the fun! Betsy and I have completely different styles and therefore shopped accordingly. Make the pieces that you find at Goodwill fit into the NYE outfit that YOU want to create! Incorporate a piece or two from home for an even more budget conscious look. For example, heading to Goodwill to find a cool skirt to go with the sheer glitter top you wore to your friend Jennifer’s birthday that one time.

So how about you? Will you take the challenge and seek to find your NYE outfit for under $25? Give Goodwill a try and I know you will be ready to ring in the new year with style! I would love to see your thrifted NYE look! Tag Betsy and I in your photos on Instagram  at @affectionatelyaudrey and @goldwilldigger!

Check out Betsy’s fabulous look on her blog, Goldwill Digger, by clicking here!

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Dress: $5.99 / Sweater: $5.99 / Clutch: $3.99 / Shoes: $8.99    Total: $24.96


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