Bad To The Bone













What is your style? Is there a right or wrong answer for this question? People sometimes ask me this and I always respond with, “Hmm, I don’t really know. I guess my style is, ‘I wear whatever I feel like wearing everyday.'” Some mornings I wake up and feel extra girly so I go with something more colorful and fun. Other days I feel bad to the bone and decide to wear dark colors and spiked jewelry. It really depends on my mood and which piece of my wardrobe I most identify with at that moment. This morning for example I was dead set on wearing a particular dress (which I absolutely love), but the more I looked in the mirror the more I became frustrated with my outfit. I finally decided to put on something else and almost instantly felt satisfied and ready for the day ahead. Every dress has its day, but don’t force it! People get so caught up in the “style” they have set for themselves that they forget to have fun and trust their instincts. Today’s featured outfit is not a style that I wear on a regular basis, but this specific day I was loving the dark and oversized layers so I went with it!

When people aren’t used to wearing a particular thing, ie. skirts or dresses, they automatically put those pieces into the “not my style” category and never try them. Just because you don’t feel comfortable wearing something doesn’t mean it isn’t your style. It just means you haven’t given it a chance to become part of your style. You disqualified the skirt in the clothing olympics before it even had a chance to compete for a medal! We often do the same thing with prints or colors and never allow them to become part of our wardrobe because…”Well, wearing black and grey has just always been my style.” This is crazy talk! Don’t be afraid to branch out of the style you have set for yourself and expand your horizons! Give it a try and your “style” will thank you for it! 😉

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Photographs: Lauren Newman Photography

Hair/Styling: Steven Lhamon; Leigh, Edwards & Co.

Vest: UAL, NLST Brand // Tops: UAL and Goodwill // Skirt: Flip Consignment, Vintage

Shoes: Target // Necklace: UAL, Yochi // Beanie: Goodwill

Rings: 2 Large: UAL, Yochi & Eddie Borgo; Small: Gifted

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