Yin Yang












By now we all know that I am no stranger to colorful creations and would much rather wear weird prints full of bright colors than anything else. So why am I only wearing boring old black and white in this post?? Because I want to show you that choosing to wear only neutrals doesn’t have to be boring. It is easy to look fun and energetic when you are wearing lots of prints and colors, but how do you have that same fun and energy with an outfit made up of only neutrals? Don’t worry, I’m gonna tell you!

  1. Accessorize: Don’t just wear a white t-shirt with black jeans and not add anything else into the mix. I think we would all agree that the most energetic part of the outfit I’m wearing is my jewelry! So when wearing neutrals, don’t forget to add in some fun accessories that will give definition to an otherwise bland outfit and spice it up!

2.  Adjust your Hair and Make-Up: In addition to accessorizing with jewelry change up your daily make-up and hair routine! Add in that fun new lip and/or eye color you recently purchased to make your look more daring! Then throw up your hair into a pony tail or add some curls to complete the ensemble!

3.  Select Unique Pieces: Just because the piece you are wearing is a neutral doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Like this Derek Lam top for example, it is the most basic neutral, but has so many cool details that make it more than just a plain white top. Then pair it with these sheer, flowy black pants and you will have an outfit to remember!

 I typically dress with my mood and how I feel that day. Most days I feel like wearing something crazy and colorful, but on days when I just want to blend into the crowd it’s nice to have a few ways to wear neutrals and still be unique. 😉

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Photographs: Lauren Newman Photography

Top: UAL, Derek Lam // Pants: Buffalo Exchange // Shoes: Goodwill // Necklace: UAL

Rings: Pangea, UAL, Vintage // Earrings: H&M // Pin: Vintage

4 thoughts on “Yin Yang

  1. This is perfect! I am always looking for ways to spice up an outfit, to make it interesting. Usually I go with statement pieces but they can sometimes be hard to style. So these little tricks are just great!! ❤ Love the look by the way 😉

  2. Audrey, dear, you would never just blend in with a crowd! You are a bright star regardless of whether you are wearing bright colors or all beige!! Great post and thanks for the insight on using a unique top with details. I’ve not thought about that before.

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