Cut It Out

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I know they say that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but when it comes to thrifting I would have to change that quote to “Scissors are a girls best friend.” No, I’m not drunk and I have a legitimate reason for this drastic change. Let me tell you a story. This is a tale about a girl who foolishly bought a skirt that was too small around her hips (don’t judge we have all done it!) at the time of purchase. In the dressing room she said to herself, “Well gosh, it’s only a little too small! I will buy it as motivation!” Only later did she realize that as much as she loved this skirt, she loved brownies and cake more. This skirt would prove to be a horrible weight loss motivator and would slowly, but surely move to the back of her closet. One day in a dressing frenzy she stumbled upon the skirt again and decided to try it on to see if maybe, just maybe, the fit had changed. Alas, it was still too tight and the girl was saddened by the prospect of donating the skirt because she loved it so. Just as she was about to add it to the giveaway pile a thought popped into her head and she remembered her scissors! The skirt has a sheer overlay with a dark lining underneath, so she decided to cut the lining out of the skirt with the thought that the lining was causing the skirt to be illfitting. When that didn’t work, she then got her handy dandy seam ripper and cut the side seams of the skirt all the way to the waist band and wore it over another skirt! The decision to not give up paid off and she was never more proud of a project in her thrifting career.

If you couldn’t already tell, I am the crazy girl who bought a skirt that didn’t fit properly. But thanks to my scissors and a little creativity I now have a super unique piece in my closet that actually fits! I am by no means a seamstress, but I use my scissors to alter pieces all of the time! Before I get rid of any piece of clothing I think, “Can I make this into a crop top?” or “Can I cut that seam and wear it as a layering piece?” I have created so many fun pieces by just allowing my creativity to flow through a instrument that is typically used to destroy clothing. Have a nasty stain on the bottom of your t-shirt? Cut it off as a crop top and then use the bottom piece as a infinity scarf around your neck! Have a shirt that is too tight around your hips? Cut the sides of the top to your natural waist line and wear it as a layering piece! Of course you should consider the construction and fabric of the piece before cutting or ripping the seam, but it’s a good feeling to know that you have an option to alter your favorite pieces before giving them away! Let me know what you create!

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Photographs: Garrett Mills

Top: UAL, Edith Miller // Skirt #1: UAL, Isa Arfen // Skirt #2 (Overlay): Goodwill, Vintage

Shoes: Goodwill // Earrings: H&M // Bracelets/Ring: UAL



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