The Price is Right











They really should put a copy of my picture in the dictionary next to Murphy’s Law. These funny little things always happen to me, and I can’t do anything but laugh! I was 100% ready to leave for my photo shoot this day, but was wearing something completely different. I was ready about 10 minutes early so I lay down on my bed, while enjoying a cup of coffee, and pick up a book. Parker, my poodle, realizes I am about to leave and in an attempt to persuade me otherwise, begins to crawl onto me. As he does this, he gets tangled up in my phone charger resulting in my coffee getting knocked off of my nightstand and onto my outfit. You can’t make this stuff up! I almost had a meltdown and proceeded to rip off my outfit and scramble for something else to wear. I had planned to wear this top to work the day before so I just grabbed it off of the bathroom door and began the quick search to complete the outfit. I am not really sure how all of this came together, because I kind of blacked out, but I am very glad that it did! 😉

I often say that everything looks good at the right price. Of course everyone wants everything as cheap as they can possibly get it, but what I’m saying is some pieces don’t look as good until they are a certain price. Some items you are willing to pay $150 and some you would only pay $5. It is smart to consider style, practicality, uniqueness and price when you are contemplating taking an item of clothing home with you. Another thing to consider is how sad you would be if you left the item and it was gone when you came back. These are all tactics I use to help my customers put their purchases into perspective. If you wouldn’t be sad to lose the item, then leave it and see if the price lowers. If you would be sad, then scoop it up without delay! I saw this top one day while doing a quick pass at Goodwill. I stared at it for a few minutes and couldn’t decide if I wanted it and it was not part of the “half off color of the day”. I placed it back on the rack and decided to take my chances. A week or so later I stopped by the Goodwill again and observed the same top, but this time it was .99 cents with the color of the day special! I snatched it up and it has actually been a really fun piece to have in my wardrobe. Everybody’s ideal price is different for each item. Find the price that works for you and get creative!

Also, Goodwill is having another Free Sip, Style, Shop event at the Charlotte Pike Goodwill on July 27th from 6-9pm. Hope to see you all there!

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Photographs: Lauren Newman Photography

Top: Goodwill // Skirt: UAL, Emilia Wickstead // Socks: TJmaxx (ages ago) // Shoes: Target, Adam Lippies

Sunnies: UAL, Stella McCartney // Earrings: H&M // Rings: Vintage/UAL

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