Daily Combo













No combination is ever too wild for me. I often tell people that I aim to be one of the most oddly dressed people in any room, and funky combinations almost always get me there.  I could daily shout from the rooftops how important it is to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while and wear something you normally wouldn’t. People always think I have been this weirdly dressed my whole life, but the path that actually got me here (only within the last five years) has been not being afraid to step out of my safe bubble.

I have learned to not always take pieces of clothing at face value, but to try and make them more than they were designed to be. This dress for instance, do you think it wants to simply be a sleeveless dress its whole life? No way! It wants to be a jumper, or flipped a little to be a skirt, or be worn underneath another dress as a layering piece. When you constantly contemplate how much you can get out of one piece of clothing, it becomes so much more valuable to your wardrobe. I decided this dress needed this sheer shirt underneath it this time, but next time I will wear it in such a different way that maybe you won’t even recognize it! Most people I style are skeptical of the combinations I suggest because maybe the pieces don’t always have the same colors or both patterns are fairly “busy.” Combinations don’t always have to be super simple. Busy patterns can go together in an amazing way, and crazy colors can go with more than just black and white. So put your hard hat on to protect yourself from the debris of self-doubt and insecurity and step out of your bubble into the unknown! I promise in the end you will build something beautiful in yourself, and your confidence in what you can accomplish will be all the stronger.

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Photographs: Lauren Newman Photography

Dress: UAL, Clover Canyon // Top: Unclaimed Baggage // Shoes: TJMaxx

Scarf: UAL/Glasses: UAL // Bracelet/Rings: UAL and Vintage





3 thoughts on “Daily Combo

  1. This is awesome. I never think to put different patterns like this. I think I have such a hard time because I’m older and don’t want to dress too young but also don’t want to dress frumpy, either. Too bad I don’t live closer to you so I can attend one of your workshops! 💜

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