Winter is Coming













Well, I guess it’s technically already here, but the caption still works. Anyway, it has been a little cold in Nashville for this Georgia girl lately and I always have a little bit of a hard time adjusting my clothing choices to the colder weather. With that being said, I love winter weather attire. Big fluffy jackets and cozy sweaters are totally my jam, I just don’t want the cold weather that comes along with them. Since Mother Nature doesn’t really let me have a say so in this matter, I try to use this colder season to get the most wear out of my winter pieces. I am bad about not checking the situation going on outside before I make choices in my wardrobe for the day. Resulting in cold toes and fingers most of the time. But this year I have tried to invest in some really awesome jackets, gloves and scarves that I actually want to wear so I won’t forget them when I am running out of the door late as usual.

This fuzzy jacket, for example, I acquired from my awesome friend, Brittney, and it has been one of my favorites of the season. Every time I leave it on the purchase rack behind the counter at work someone tries to buy it without fail. All of this to say, sometimes things don’t become a priority in your life until you make them a priority. This goes for anything in your wardrobe and in life! If you want to be better about wearing your winter pieces then display your jackets in such a way that you will instinctively grab them when you leave. If you want to wear more fashion scarves or accessories then make it a priority and plan your outfits around those pieces. I could go on and on! I am currently doing a Instagram challenge where I challenge you for a week to wear something in your wardrobe that you have never worn before. When we make wearing everything we own a priority then we either discover awesome potential in those pieces or we realize that we never really liked them enough to wear them in the beginning. Thats where a good closet clean out and Goodwill donation bin come in handy! 😉 We all have to work daily to keep our priorities straight so don’t be too hard on yourself, but making an effort to get things in order with your wardrobe will certainly make you feel like a more accomplished fashionista!

Check out my Instagram and take the challenge with me!

Affectionately, Audrey ❤

Photographs: Carrie Smith of SWAK photography

Hair cut/color: Leigh, Edwards & Co, Steven Lhamon

Dress: Dorothee Schumacher, UAL // Coat: Vintage, Brittney Forrister // Boots: UAL

Scarf: UAL // Earrings: Rosie Assoulin, UAL // Necklaces/Rings: Goodwill and UAL



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